BMX bikes


Have you ever heard of BMX bikes? You know, the bikes where you see daredevils perform insane tricks and stunts on street paths, railings, flatlands, hills, jumps, concrete bunkers, nearly anything they can get their tires on? Yeah, you know what I’m talking about.

BMX bikes are fascinating. They combine a thrill of sport with a level of danger, all wrapped in an exciting package that is a blast for everyone involved. Safety is a top priority, but once you have the hang of the bikes down and once you begin to practice more and more, you will find yourself enjoying the pure adrenaline rush that encompasses the BMX world.

So let’s get started in our ultimate guide to BMX bikes to learn more about these fascinating bikes and how you can become the next ultimate biker!

What are BMX bikes?

As mentioned briefly above, BMX bikes are off-road street bicycles that are designed for sport and stunts and racing. These bikes are different than typical bicycles that you might have in your garage or might see people casually riding down the street. BMX bikes typically feature a different design and a different construction than everyday bicycles in order to allow for the BMX stunts to be performed successfully.

BMX stands for bicycle motocross, so this should be able to give you the mental image of a racing bicycle jumping over railings when the biker is performing stunts in the middle of the air, like twirling the bike all around and all over the place.


BMX bikes can actually be offered in a wide range and a wide variety of different options depending upon what type of BMX performance the bike will mainly be used for. Since there are a multitude of different BMX styles, the bikes can be altered and created uniquely specifically for the type of biking that will be primarily done.

There are five major different models of different BMX bikes. These are park bikes, dirt bikes, flatland bikes, race bikes, and street bikes.

Park BMX Bikes

park bmx bikes

Park style BMX bikes are also called “vert.” These bikes are constructed in such a way that removes unneeded weight from the bike itself. This is done by reducing the structural excess material on certain parts of the bike. The lighter weight is helpful for the smooth transitions that are found during park riding. And sometimes brakes can be found on these bikes, but sometimes they are not; they are as common as they are uncommon.

Dirt BMX Bikes


Dirt style BMX bikes are fairly similar to park style BMX bikes, except the tires on dirt style bikes have a thicker thread. This allows for the bike and the rider to gain better grip and better surface tension on surfaces that can potentially be loose throughout the course.

Flatland BMX Bikes

Flatland BMX bikes are structured quite differently than the other types. This is because this style features different geometric principles to the design and the construction of the bike since flatland riding requires precise balance from the rider onto multiple parts of the bike, all at once. The need for stability and coordination is the key that makes this type of bike more different than the others.

Racing BMX bikes

Racing style BMX bikes are characteristic of having a a larger front sprocket when compared to other BMX bikes. This is important for this style of riding in order to create a high gear ratio which subsequently enables the rider to pedal more efficiently and effectively at higher speeds. Because of this, racing style BMX bikes almost always have brakes.

Street BMX bikes

Lastly, street style BMX bikes might be the most common BMX bike that you will see and might be the most recognizable. These bikes commonly have metal pegs attached to the axles of the bike which allow the rider the ability to grind on rails throughout the course.

Additionally, the street style BMX bike tends to be heavier and stronger than the traditional dirt or park style BMX bikes since extra strain can be encountered on the bikes when riding on street style surfaces since they are often more hard and flat.

Street BMX bikes often do not have any brakes at all because the brakes would get in the way of the rider doing any special tricks, like spinning the handle bars. So with no brakes, the rider can slow down and stop by using their foot against the top side of the back tire.

So now that we have some of the basic information and features down that make BMX bikes the awesome bikes that they are, let’s move on and take a look at some of the benefits that these bikes are able to provide!

BMX Tires

After choosing the best bmx bikes, you should choose the best bmx tires for maximum perfection. To know about best bmx tires, you can take a look this article.


BMX bikes are fantastic for the sports enthusiast, for the dare devil, for the persons who are looking for powerful thrills while having the time of your life. If you love adventure and if you love to have a good time, BMX bikes are great for you!

Remember, though, the importance of being safe and learning how to safely use the bikes before starting to do any wild tricks that are out of this world! Safety is always key and it should always come first, and when it comes to BMX biking, safety is a top, top priority!

The design of BMX bikes provide strong benefits within themselves as their unique build is perfect for the versatility of the stunts, the riding, and the various types of terrain you might find yourself on. With the unique design of the bikes, new possibilities are open as to what you can do on them.

From all sorts of tricks and stunts, starting from the small like riding off short ramps to the intense moves like riding around a skate park, BMX bikes have the benefit of being made for these types of activities; they are directly intended for things like this, so as you can imagine, they are the best choice for doing so.

Regular bicycles, like mountain bikes, don’t have the capability to be as flexible in their movements or in their versatility. Because of the brakes often getting in the way of the handles and the wires not allowing the bike to spin like BMX bikes, they are not the best option for doing crazy stunts. Plus, these bikes simply are not make to handle the intense pressure that stunts cause.

Regular bicycles are designed in such a way that the pressure is spread throughout the bike in different points than the pressure is distributed on BMX bikes, so there is a greater possibility that regular bikes can break when trying to ride them and operate them like BMX style bikes.

The simple thing to remember: If you want to do BMX style stunts and riding, then it is best to get a BMX bike! It’s pretty simple, haha!

Now that you might be interested in purchasing a BMX bike, let’s take a look at some of the top BMX brands in the industry that will be able to help offer you the best bike of your life!

Top BMX Brands

There are many incredible brands of BMX bikes that will be beneficial to you in offering you a fantastic bike! Some of these top brands include WeThePeople, Fitbikeco, Haro Bikes, Stolen Bikes, DK, Eastern, and Oddessey.

All of these brands have bikes that are well known throughout the industry and that are well recognized and received, but in order to find the best bike that is the perfect one for you, I recommend that you conduct some of your very own research so that way you can be sure to find a bike that fits your style and your needs, down to the very last nut and bolt! The best bike for you is out there!

Out of a national online survey where BMX bike riders and enthusiasts were able to cast their opinion on what brands they found to be the best, WeThePeople received the most positive attention and was rated as the number one brand for BMX bikes.

WeThePeople ( is known for making some of the most advanced and engineered BMX bikes around. They specialize not only in BMX bikes, but also in bike parts like frames and components that will help to make your bike the very best that it can be.

WeThePeople has been around for more than 20 years, so they have a solid reputation in the biking industry known for making quality products that the customer is sure to love. These bikes are sophisticated and stylish, so if you are looking to make a statement with your BMX, then a bike from WeThePeople might just be the best way to do it!

Haro BMX bikes ( is another brand that is at the top of the BMX biking game in the United States. This brand is consistently recognized as one of the leaders of all BMX bike brands.

Haro bikes are as unique as you are an an individual. IF you are looking for a bike that fits your style and your personality, then this is the brand for you. You will be able to find the bike that is meant for you and you will be sure to love it, thanks to the great biking products that Haro is known for providing.

Fit BMX bikes ( is another BMX bike brand that you will love. This company has some of the best frames and tires in the BMX biking industry and has been consistent in making some of the most recognizable BMX bikes that people all over the world love.

Fit is a brand that is really adored in the United States, but everyone is sure to enjoy and benefit from the great bikes that this brand has to offer to you. No matter what you are looking for, you can find it with Fit.

There are so many BMX bike brands around; the best thing you can do (for your own positive benefit!) is to do your research in the purchasing of your bike.

Now that we are talking a little more about the buying process, let’s take a deeper look into this subject.

Buying Guide


Just like shopping for anything, you will want to be a smart and wise consumer so that way you get the most out of your money and that way you can get the best possible product for you that you are looking for.

Since BMX bikes can be expensive, anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to over one thousand, these bikes are likely not a purchase you are going to make on a regular basis. It would then be wise to think of this purchase as more of an investment, so you can plan and prepare for investing in your bike by doing the research ahead of time to find the best deals out there on the bike that is ideal for you.

That would be the first step in the buying process: Research. Decide what type of BMX bike you are looking for that will best suit your needs. Are you looking for a park style bike or a street style bike? Are you looking for a racing style bike, a dirt style bike, or a flatland style bike? What are the surfaces that you will most likely be riding on?

Answering these questions will help you to make the decision for which type of bike to purchase. And then once you know the bike type that will work the best for you, your research can progress further.

Start by researching the style of bike you want and the various brands that offer your particular style of bike. Take a look to see if any of the above brands listed offer the bike style you are looking for. Then you can compare prices of the various brands to find a price that is acceptable for your range and your personal budget.

Even more so, there will likely be different models of the same style of bike offered by the various brands, so give yourself ample time researching to find the model that is your favorite choice.

Once you have all this in mind and you know what brand, style, and model of bike you want, search across the internet to find various retailers where that particular bike is sold. When you find multiple retailers, you will be able to compare the prices they are selling the bike for. Hopefully you will find competitive prices among the different retailers and will see that some offer the same bike for a lower price!

Smart consumerism is a great asset to you when purchasing a BMX bike! Look for the best price from a trusted source!


For the adventurous thrill seeker, check out BMX bikes. These bikes are full of thrill and excitement, passion and adventure. There are endless things you can do with them which makes for endless amounts of fun. BMX bikes come in a variety of types and styles for the different terrains you might encounter in your BMX journey. Remember, safety is key and is always a top priority; always wear your helmet!

Be safe and have fun! If you are ready to accept the challenge, let the BMX biking begin!



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