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Elite Massage Chairs: Brand, Description And Reviews

When it comes to massage chairs, Elite has thirteen years of experience and knowledge under its belt. They put these into good use by producing massage chairs that mimic movements of human hands.

It’s no wonder they have been winning awards since their inception. They believe in the adage “Not an extravagance, simply well-being” and they certainly live up to it through their products. To describe even their most affordable chair as “luxurious” is an understatement. Take a seat in any of their chairs and instantly feel like you are sitting on your own personal cloud.

Elite massage chairs instantly change the minds of those who find them a little over the top by performing motions that are wider, smoother, and more soothing than any chair in the market today. To top it all off, their highly efficient customer service is based in the US.

Top 3 Elite Massage Chairs Reviews

If you’ve been looking to buy a massage chair but are hesitant to spend your hard-earned money, read this guide and find out if elite massage chairs brand is worth your attention.

The Elite Integra

Elite’s Integra is perfect for those who seek out the perfect balance between their budget and comfort. Among all 2D chairs in the market today, Integra claims to have the deepest and most thorough massage.

Integra starts its excellence with its perfect Zero Gravity recline. For first time buyers, having “zero gravity” doesn’t mean you will be floating into space, although it is somewhat related.

The zero gravity position is simply the position that astronauts take before taking off in their space shuttle. Because of the intense speed that the shuttle goes through, the pull of gravity on the astronauts’ body is greater, that is why they need to find the optimal position that will reduce the stress on their bodies during the launch.

This concept was adopted by massage chair makers in order to give the maximum support for your back, spine, pelvic area, and legs.

However, since this position requires that your back is lower than your leg area, most chairs will feel like you are tipping over. With Integra, you feel secure in your seat no matter how long you stay or how many times you shift in place.

More importantly, it correctly puts your knees at the same level as your heart which allows your heart to work less, putting you in a more relaxed state.

When it comes to massaging motion, Integra also offers the widest range compared to other budget chairs. Other chairs only cover twenty inches of your back but Integra can cover up to thirty inches, enough to even cover your tail bone area.

It also has twenty degrees more motion than any other chair today which mean it has a wider coverage on your body per stroke. It can also knead, tap, and roll all at the same time mimicking the sensation you get when having a good Swedish massage. Last but not least, it comes with 3 pre-programmed massages.

The Integra is very affordable and has a long 5-year guarantee. It comes in two colors: brown and black.

The Elite Optima

For those who like their massages to be a little more detailed and a little bit more intense, there’s the Elite Optima. While it’s true that only 3D chairs can give really deep tissue massages for your body, Elite’s Optima comes really close even at 2D.

It has the ability to scan your body and create a 3D like massage program that will suit your needs. In short, everyone can get a customized massaged with the Elite Optima. Unlike other chairs that feel mechanical, Optima’s motions are always smooth and fluid. It’s also virtually silent, it almost feels like you have a personal masseuse every time you turn it on.

This is because there is no less than twelve whispering motors giving power to the chair’s massage heads in different directions ensuring you always have a deep and satisfying massage.

The Optima is also very effective in massaging your legs, calves, and feet. This is perfect for those who always feel a little tightness in their hamstrings. People who need the comfort of a little hot compress will also love its soothing heat.

The foot rollers also have function mechanically for a very calming reflexology. It offers six intensity options for those kinks that just need extra kneading.

This chair comes in three colors: bone, brown, and black and has an elegant laminated wood arm rest. It comes with Elite’s long five year guarantee.

The Elite Robo-Pad

For those who don’t want any compromises when it comes to their comfort, there is the Elite Robo-Pad. Elite dubbed this as their “total therapy” chair and for a good reason. The Robo-Pad is a 3D chair. In non-technical terms, a 3D chair has a more powerful and flexible range of motions giving it the ability to perform deep tissue massages.

Elite definitely raised the bar when it created the Robo-Pad. This chair was specifically made for bigger and tougher users. The first thing you will notice upon turning on this chair is the deep kneading on your back. That’s because Robo-Pad has enough power to massage up to 5 inches into your body, making sure, ever muscle that feels a knot is relieved.

Like the Elite Optima, the Robo-Pad has the ability to scan your body for a fully customized massage. It offers 35 inches of back massage so even taller people are ensured of a thorough massage. It also has the same capacity as Optima when it comes to leg massages.

Unlike the Optima and Integra though, the Robo-Pad employs 69 airbags to make sure the chair is as quiet as possible when you turn it on. For those who need a little music or sound healing however, it has Bluetooth speakers installed in the headrest for mobile gadget streaming. You can also control the chair via the free Android or iOs app in your favorite mobile device.

The Robo-Pad has models in black, brown, and cream. It has the company’s five year guarantee and has passed several safety standards in the US.

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